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Why are Teething Toys Essential to Babies?

Why are Teething Toys Essential to Babies?  Naturally, the 3-4 months babies have the intention to chew something. They grab anything that they have found around their house. After 6 months, their chewing purpose got increased when they first sprout to have their first tooth.
Therefore, it is appropriate to provide teething toys or teether at the age of 4-6 months. Here, we will discuss the necessity of having teething toys for the children.

Let’s learn at a glance of the Teething Facts:

Every parent must need to know about the teething facts, before giving teething toys or teether to the babies. If the parents know about the teething effects, they can provide the teether to the babies at the right time.

• The babies expect to have a teether between the age of 3 to 14 months.
• The chewing and biting are the two natural developmental processes of the babies of cutting teeth.
• The chewing helps them to come teeth at the right time accurately.
• The teether or teething toys may help the babies to alleviate the babies teething pain.
• The babies love to chew the teething toys, as they are soft in texture.

What are the teething symptoms?

Most people think that their babies start to have teething when they are drooling and get their finger on the mouth at the age of 3-4 months of old. Though it is nothing but another process of a developmental milestone.

After 6 months old, their chewing tendency becomes increased, as they expect to have their first tooth on the mouth. Sometimes, it takes almost a year to have the primary teeth. Due to the swollen gums or the reason for appearing the primary teeth, the following symptoms may visible. These symptoms are known as ‘teething symptoms. The teething symptoms are-

  •  Lack of appetite for solid foods.
  •  Have a tendency of more biting.
  •  Ear rubbing and gum rubbing.
  •  Having irritability.
  •  Have a facial rash on the different places on skin texture.

What is the right time to give teething toys?

When the teething symptoms come, the parents must provide teething toys to the babies. If you give the teether at the right time, your baby’s teeth may occur at the right time. The teether helps to come tooth in the back, front, and middle gum line at the exact time.

Why do the parents provide teething toys to their babies?

Teething is a natural process for children, and it is one of the children’s developmental stages. The babies are teething during the 4 months to the first year. The following two are the most valid reasons that the parents provide teething toys to their babies.

• Teether soothes the baby’s gums:

The teethers are the toys that the babies put into their mouths when the new teeth are coming or developing. Wisely, the teethers provide comfort and relieve pain to the children by chewing the soft rubber made toys. The teethers are the pain relievers of the babies during the new teeth are developing. The tender gums feel comfortable, as teething toys get the light pressure on the gum line.

Some parents keep the teething toys to the refrigerator, it provides soothing coolness to the baby’s gum. Don’t keep the teether for a long time. It can be uncomfortable for your baby. Some teething occurs vibration when the baby is chewing on the mouth. Such type of wave can relieve the teething pain of the babies.

Babies love teething toys:

The babies love to chew anything on their mouths at the age of 4 months. It is one of the developmental milestones of their life. The biting and munching encourage them to move their tongue inside the mouth. The soft, nice-shaped, and colorful teething toys inspire them to learn their first speech of life. Like-mamma and dadaa.

As the teething toys are colorful, the children love to play with it. These are bacteria-free so that it won’t cause any harm to the babies. The teethers can be the alternative and the safest playing objects to them, at a time.

Best Teething Toys Buying Tips:

The teething toys alleviate the teething pains, as it provides pressure for coming new teeth quickly. For buying the best teething tips, you must follow the following teething toys buying tips.

• Child’s safety:

Before choosing any teething toys, the parents must verify their quality first. Notably, whether it is safe for babies or not. Try to select the teethers which are phthalate and BPA-free. Prefer the teether, which is bacteria free and non-toxic. The quality teethers are clinically tested and approved. Always buy the tested and quality teething toys for your baby.

• Check the material:

It is mandatory to check the elements of the teething toys. Some teethers are made from rubber, silicone, plastic, and wood. Always prefer the soft texture-based teethers. If the body is smooth, the babies feel comfortable to chew it.

• Easy for the baby:

Always try to provide smooth and supportive teethers that are easy to hold. If the child can quickly grab the teether and explore to the mouth for chewing, it may help to come to the first tooth in the early time.

• Teethers’ size:

Please, concentrate on the size of the teether. Don’t pick any teether that is too big for your baby. The great teether can occur hazard to your child for chewing. The small one is an excellent choice for your baby.

• Find colorful teething toys:

Keep in mind the children are big fans of the bright object. So, you need to provide vivid and different fantastic shapes of teething toys to your child. In this case, the colorful shape of fruits, vegetables, and interesting objects of teethers are the best options for the babies.

• Check the online reviews:

Before choosing the right teething toys, you can see the online reviews of the customers. Try to pick the best teething toys voted by many customers.

Hopefully, you have learned about the necessity to have teething toys for the babies. The teethers are essential for your kids, as they help to come to the first tooth for your child.


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